Update On State Legislative Session

The legislature is rushing to pass the state budget by the end of this week. PPA has been continuing its intense campaign to defeat SB 435 and HB 1285, both currently under consideration in the General Assembly.

SB 435 would require electric utilities to build out electric vehicle charging stations, recovering costs of those projects from their customer rate base. The electric utility would also be permitted to enter the retail charger market.

PPA is opposed to this bill because of series concerns with both ratepayer’s money being used to subsidize the development of the infrastructure. Also, allowing utilities to enter the retail market would result in an even playing field for businesses (such as convenience stores) that may wish to get into that business.

HB 1285 would allow utilities to charge its rate base pursuant to costs incurred in building out the charger infrastructure. It would also allow natural gas utilities to recover from their rate bases (existing customers) to cost of building out gas line to serve new customers.

PPA has long opposed natural gas utilities using ratepayer’s money that ultimately would be used to convert heating oil and propane heated homes and businesses to gas.

PPA’s goal is have these two bills to not come up for consideration prior to the legislatures summer break. Members that have utilized PPA advocacy software to contact their legislator which has been extremely helpful in supporting these efforts.

Click here to contact your local Senator and House representatives to oppose these bills if you haven’t already done so.

PPA has also been meeting with key legislators to educate them in regard to our opposition, and are working with several of our member companies to facilitate more direct communication with several lawmakers. PPA will continue its efforts this week-and will be in further contact with members whose additional outreach to their legislators would be needed.

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