Update on Senate Bill 435 & House Bill 1285

In the State Capitol, June is a time when significant pieces of legislation are enacted-often within the framework of state budget deals. PPA has been engaged in opposing two bills that appear to be gaining traction in the current legislative discussions.

Senate Bill 435 (Mensch-R-Montgomery) would create a requirement for electric utilities to build out the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in key areas of the state. The bill would allow the utilities to charge its entire rate base for a portion of the costs of this infrastructure-and allows them to enter the retail charging market.

This raises serious competitive issues for private companies desiring to enter this market.

House Bill 1285 (C.Williams-R-Delaware) would also provide for  utility ratepayers to subsidize an EV charging infrastructure. It would also allow utilities to subsidize the expansion of natural gas line extension with general ratepayer revenue.

In the coming days, PPA will be alerting members urging them to contact their legislators, asking them to oppose these bills.

For success in these fights, a grassroots response from companies will be critical.

Please be sure to check the PPA Bills We’re Watching webpage for all legislative updates.

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