Update On SB 435, HB 1285 – Expanding Electric, Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure

PPA has been engaged in the process of communicating with the appropriate Committee chairs and other key legislators regarding our opposition to the bills that have been introduced that would permit utilities to expand electric and natural gas vehicle infrastructure and recover their costs from ratepayers.

House Bill 1285 (Williams-R-Delaware) would also allow utilities to recover from ratepayers a portion of the costs of expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, but the sponsor’s intent is not to permit utilities to be in the retail charging business.

The bill would also allow natural gas utilities to recover a portion of costs from existing rate payers for the expansion of gas lines.

Senate Bill 435 (Mensch-R -Bucks) would require electric utilities to develop extensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure and allow utilities to own and operate charging stations.

PPA is working with other organizations who are opposed to ratepayers footing the bill for these types of projects believing that stock holders should bear that cost.

Please visit PPA’s Bills We’re Watching webpage to learn more about House  Bill 1285, Senate Bill 275, and view other legislation being tracked by the PPA.

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