U.S. House Democrats Pass Clean Energy Jobs Bill

Yesterday, the House passed a 900 page “Clean Economy and Jobs Innovation Act” (H.R. 4447) largely along party lines by a vote of 220-185.

The bill was just introduced last week and was moved to the Floor for a vote without traditional vetting such as legislative hearings.

Democratic leadership introduced the bill in response to the progress the Senate has made on its own energy bill known as the “The American Energy Innovation Act.”

Both bills contain provisions that would improve electric reliability and energy efficiency; promote the development of solar and wind energy, hydropower, geothermal, weatherize homes, and methane hydrates; enhance cyber security efforts; promote carbon capture, bolster mineral security; and repeals a range of obsolete authorities currently within the U.S. Code.

However, there are provisions in H.R. 4447 that would expand the use of EVs and would create an (EV) supply equipment rebate program that the Senate bill does not include and H. R. 4447 would also authorize $36 billion for transportation electrification and would expand clean energy workforce programs and other policies meant to modernize the nation’s electric grid.

The bill also sets a June 1 deadline for refineries to petition for exemptions from the Renewable Fuel Standard blending requirements and requires public disclosure of which companies are seeking those exemptions.

“Don’t be fooled by its name – this bill has little to do with innovation and everything to do with House Democrats’ embrace of their high cost Green New Deal,” said Republican Reps. Greg Walden (R-OR)), Frank Lucas (R-OK) and Rob Bishop (R-UT), the ranking members of Energy and Commerce, Science and Natural Resources panels, in a statement.

“This bill is chock-full of government mandates that would raise what Americans pay for everything from the vehicles they drive to what they pay to heat, cool, and power their homes.”

The Senate is unlikely to consider the bill and President Trump has already said he will veto the bill if it gets to him.

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