Texas Gas Station Scores 650% Increase In Sales With Premium Ethanol-Free Gasoline Over Regular E85

FuelWise Convenience Store switched its E85 dispensers to a premium ethanol-free gasoline supplied by Hyperfuels and has increased its daily sales by 650% over E85 historical sales.

Hyperfuels converted the E85 dispensers earlier in the year and started supplying the premium ethanol-free gas last month. Hyperfuels predicted a 300% increase in sales and actual results are double the prediction.

Jess Hewitt explains, “E85 sales are historically low due to its reduced energy content (30% less than E10 gasoline). Adding the premium ethanol-free gasoline allows consumers to choose a fuel that is not hygroscopic and will not attract moisture and has better energy content. The fuel is recommended by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) for all engines. The right to choose allows customers to select a fuel that is the best for their engines. The increase in sales proves that ethanol-free is demanded more than E85 in reformulated gasoline areas”

FuelWise carries Regular, Midgrade, Premium, Diesel, Ethanol-Free fuels. The new facility has spacious restrooms, food & beverages, a vape shop and a restaurant inside of its 5,000 square foot store. Fuel Wise is located inside Harris County, Texas. 

Since 1998, Hyperfuels has been on the cutting edge of high-performance fuels and fluids. From our base in Houston Texas, we ship products nationwide every day to meet our customer needs.

We are an authorized distributor of Elf Racing, TotalEnergies, PurFuels and SynDIesel GTL Diesel. We are authorized retailers for Sunoco Race Fuels, TORCO additives, and ASPEN GREEN.

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