Summary Of National Conference On Weights And Measures Meeting

At the National Conference of Weights and Measures annual meeting in mid-July, an item to change the tentative code for specifications and tolerances for Electric Vehicle Supply Systems (EVSE) to permanent was approved.

This code applies to EV Chargers (both AC and DC) used for the measurement and sale of electricity dispensed to an electric vehicle.

Prior to the annual meeting, a priority voting item was added to the agenda to make the EVSE tentative code permanent effective January 1, 2023.

The EV charging industry raised a number of concerns with the ability for DC EVSE to meet provisions of the code related to accuracy testing and load test tolerance requirements.

Industry comments presented during the discussion of this item expressed concern that the existing and evolving DC EVSE technology may not be able to meet these requirements and requested that the period of time for compliance be extended to allow for more development of DC EVSE technology and testing methods.

Based on these comments, the item was modified to include exemptions until January 1, 2028 for DC EVSE from requirements related to Section S.2.7 Indication of Delivery, N.5.2 Accuracy Testing, and T.2.2 EVSE Load Test Tolerances.

These modifications were included in the final approved code.

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