State Legislature Update

Last week, state Representative John Galloway (D-Bucks) announced he would be resigning from the House on December 15. Galloway had successfully run for a district magistrate position in this year’s election.

His resignation would once again result in a 101-101 tie in the State House. This marks the fourth time this year a special election will determine control of the PA House of Representatives which is unprencedented. Under law, a Special Election to fill the vacant seat could not be held sooner than sixty days from the date of the vacating of the seat.

The rules of the House provided that the chamber will continue to be in Democratic control until the result of the special election. It is unlikely that there will be many session days in the interim.

The timing of the December 15 resignation coincides with the last scheduled session day of the year. The legislature is returning that week in a final effort to finish the state budget process.

Some observers believe that unlike the special elections held earlier this year, this Bucks County seat may actually be a competitive between Democrats and Republicans.