State Capital Update & Unknowns Entering In 2023

As of this writing, controversy is still swirling in the state House as to which party will control, by the narrowest of margins, that chamber (and for how long into the 2023-2024 legislative session).

Possible scenarios include the Republicans to have majority control until special elections are held for open seats in either February or May.

The Democrats would likely take control in February if the special elections held in that month.

If (or when) the Democrats take control, they will oversee setting the agenda in terms of legislative issues.

There will likely be more of an interest within the House to move significant climate change proposals.

The new state legislature will nearly have 50 new Representatives in the 2023 member House and 6 new Senators of the 50 member Senate. 

            A key to that will be the policies promoted by incoming Governor Josh Shapiro, who will be naming important agency heads (such as DEP Secretary) in the coming weeks.

Last month, Governor Shapiro established multiple Transition Advisory Committees for key industry sectors.

The PPA was asked to provide suggestions to the Environment/Energy Committee. A link to that document can be FOUND HERE.

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