Senate Bill Passes Bill To Continue Suspension Of Heavy-Duty Diesel Emissions Control Program

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a bill (Senate Bill 254) this past week that would block PA DEP from enforcing California Air Resource Board (CARB) compliance rules under the Heavy Duty Diesel Emissions Control Program. The suspension will last through 2026, with the expectation that new federal standards will be issued in 2027 and Pennsylvania will fully abandon CARB rules.

CARB previously adopted a rule that required that new vehicles heavy duty trucks have longer warranties than previously required (and more stringent than EPA requirements). That rule was set to go into effect in 2022. Pennsylvania adopts and incorporates by reference certain CARB provisions through the Chapter 126. Motor Vehicle and Fuels Programs. This means policy enacted in California can automatically trigger the same requirement in Pennsylvania (as well 15 other states).

In 2021, PA DEP suspended the enforcement of the CARB warranty rule through July 31, 2023. This effort was led by the PA Motor Truck Association and supported by the PPA. Industry opposed this CARB rule because it would have added an additional cost of $2,000 – $4,000 in additional engine labeling and warranty for truck manufacturers to comply with. Click here to read the PPA Express article from November 2021 that recaps this issue.

The Senate action would put that suspension in law. It is currently unclear what the Democratic House will do with the bill.