Senate Bill 435 Establishes Unfair EV Infrastructure Expansion & Utility Involvement – Act Now!

Speculation is swirling in the State Capitol as to whether the Senate will vote on Senate Bill 435 before the summer recess scheduled to begin at the end of June. Reports indicate that an increasing number of Senators may be rethinking their initial support of the bill, which would require electric utilities to submit plans for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, and allow the utilities to recover costs of that buildout.

The legislation would also permit the utilities to enter the retail charger market which the PPA has strongly opposed. The PPA has been educating Senators as to the result of this structure potentially leading to an uneven playing field in terms of competition with businesses who may desire to enter this market.

The PPA has also coordinated with other business groups to oppose the ability of the utility to recover the costs from ratepayers and label this action as a “hidden tax”.

It is critical for PPA members to write their State Senators asking for them to oppose SB 435. Especially PPA members who sell motor fuel and/or operates convenience stores. CLICK HERE to contact your Senator to oppose SB 435.

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