Upcoming PPA Webinar: PA Dept Revenue on General FAQs, Fuel Tax Calculations, & Resources

The PPA is hosting a webinar with Pennsylvania Department of Revenue on March 7 at 9:00 AM. Webinar registration can be found here.

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s Stephen Wisyanski and Matthew Andrechik will take webinar attendees through the ins and outs of motor and alternative fuel taxation in Pennsylvania, answer frequently asked questions, and outline useful resources available to all PA taxpayers.

Highlights include:
• PA Vehicle Code statutes related to calculating the tax rates for gasoline, diesel, and other fuel products
• Being appropriately licensed and bonded to transact with these fuel products in Pennsylvania
• Tax return details concerning proper reporting, filing, paying, schedule specifics, exemptions, etc.
• Overview of Alternative Fuels Tax, including similarities and difference with conventional fuel types
• Refund and reimbursements for taxes inadvertently paid by exempt entities, PA Fuel Transporter Permits, Monthly Carrier Reports, and more…