Recognizing October POMPAC Contributors

The PPA Political Action Committee would like to recognize the following POMPAC contributions in October:

            POMPAC Monthly Supporters

            Scott Walton (Platinum), Quincy Longacre (Gold), Steve Oehlert (Gold), Ted Harris (Sliver), & Mark Smith (Bronze)

            PPA Fall Energy Conference & Golf Outing

            The PPA would like to recognize and thank all of the individuals who made personal contributions to the POMPAC during the event–

            Alex Dirienzo, Amy R. Highhouse, Andrew P. Bradigan, Ben R. Zimmerman, Bill Caudill, Bill Ingram, Bob Hummel, Brad Neff, Brandon Duff, Bruce Limbert, Bruce W. Spiridonoff, Butch Reabold, Charles L. Boucher Jr., Chris Crooks, D. Scott Kline, David H. Trupe, David Woods, Douglas E. Woosnam, Dwayne Cover, Greg Caponegro, Greg Gill, Guy Pipolo, Harrison T. Thompson, James A. Barton, James Duke, James L. Barber, Jane L. Domitrowits, Jason Mertz, Jason R. Flohr, Jessica Reeder, Jim H. Kirchner, Joe Yates, John Kulik, Joshua Brown, Joshua D. Rode, Kate Duffey, Kelly L Brown, Kevin Beatty, Kevin J. Steele, Kimberly Ohl, Kyle T. Price, Luke Senkowski, Mark K. Smith, Mark Zier, Matt Linder, Michael F. DeBerdine III, Michael H. Adams, Michael McCarthy, Michael Romeo, Nicole Crouthamel, Randy Langlois, Rich Carrione, Richard L. Scheibe Jr., Robert Duppstadt, Robert Harbison, Rodney S. Derstine, Ryan DiGuiseppe, Samuel D. Greenwood, Stephen McCracken, Steve Passio, Steven J. Oehlert, Steven R. Ohl, Thomas E. McKenzie, Tim Porter, Tim Redshaw, Timothy K. Woofter, Tom Studebaker, Tony Rhed

            POMPAC Contributions

The 2021 Association goal is to raise $40,000 in POMPAC contributions. Per Pennsylvania state law, all contributions to the POMPAC come from voluntary personal contributions and cannot be in the form of membership dues or corporate contributions.

Visit the PPA Contribution webpage to make an online personal contribution. Make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments.

            October POMPAC contributions totaled $5,180! The contributions received to YTD total $24,885.

To view a complete list of 2021 POMPAC contributors please click here.

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