Recognizing June POMPAC Contributors

The PPA Political Action Committee would like to recognize the following POMPAC contributions in June:

POMPAC Monthly Supporters:

Scott Walton (Platinum),

Mark Smith (Bronze), Quincy Longacre (Silver), Steve Oehlert (Silver), Rodney Derstine (Sliver), Russell Newell (Bronze), Ted Harris (Sliver)

Regional Golf Outings:

The PPA would like to specially thank the Berks-Schuylkill Oil Heat Association (BSOHA), the Delaware Valley Energy Marketers Association (DVEMA), and the South Central Pennsylvania Energy Association (SCPEA) for their PAC fund raising efforts in June. Each regional association included a PAC fund raising contest as a part of their golf outing. Total amounts from each event included:

June 3 SCPEA Golf Outing: $1,700

June 24 BSOHA Golf Outing: $1,210

June 28 DVEMA Golf Outing: $3,630

Total: $6,540

The PPA would also like to recognize and thank all of the individual golfers who made personal contributions to the POMPAC:

Adam Martin, Andrew Olcott, Arthur D. Landis, Ben Hieber, Bill Myers, Brad Hough, Chris Brinich, Chris Crooks, Chris Stevak, Cole Wagner, Corey Martin, Curtis Martin, Daniel A. Dwyer, Daniel P. Duffey, Dave McKinney, David H. Trupe, David M. Harris, Deb Leymeister, Don Lepore, Doug Scanlan, Douglas E. Woosnam, E. Bruce Sheller, Eric E. Horn

Gabriel Frezzo Jr., Gary Armstrong, Harry Hill, J. Stephen Hieber, James R. Neilson, Jason Pfennig, Jason R. Flohr, Jeff C. Seaman, Jeremy Seaman, Jim H. Kirchner, Jim Leatherman, Joe Mazzucca, John Casey, John J. Reilly, John Zadarsky, Joshua D. Rode, Justin O’Keefe, Kate Duffey, Keith D. Reitz, Kevin J. Steele, Luke Senkowski, Mark Wisniewski, Matt Benner, Matt Linder, Matt Pyzik, Matt Witmer, Michael F. DeBerdine III, Michael J. Leymeister, Michael McCarthy, Mike Barone, Mike Longstreth, Nate Williamson, Nick Trois, Omer F. Dogru, Patrick B. Taylor, Patrick Boyle, Pete B. Anstadt, Peter Hughes, Quincy W. Longacre,

Richard Rogers, Robert Powell, Ronald E. George, Saul Cohen, Scott Cohen, Scott E. Zimmer, Scott Hunt, Scott L. Hafer, Scott S. Speicher, Stephen McCracken, Steve Domitrowits, Steve Weidner, Steven J. Oehlert, Taylor Williard, Ted Harris, Thomas J. Tubman, Thomas R. Wingard, Tim Porter, Tom Frank, and Walter S. Wehof.

The 2021 association goal is to raise $40,000 in POMPAC contributions. Per Pennsylvania state law, all contributions to the POMPAC come from voluntary personal contributions and cannot be in the form of membership dues or corporate contributions. Visit the PPA Contribution webpage to make an online personal contribution. Make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments.

June POMPAC contributions totaled $7,615!. The contributions received to YTD total $17,930. To view a complete list of 2021 POMPAC contributors please click here.

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