Recognizing June Advocacy Contributors

The Political Action Committee Chairman Jason Edris would like to recognize POMPAC and Energy Defense Fund contributions in June 2023.

June 2023 POMPAC Contributions
The Pennsylvania Oil Marketer’s Political Action Committee (POMPAC) raises funds through personal contributions from industry stakeholders. The voluntary contributions made to the POMPAC Fund are used by the PPA to directly support political officials in the form of a campaign contribution. Political contributions from corporations are prohibited by law in Pennsylvania. Thank you to the following individuals who contributed to the POMPAC fund last month.

Platinum Supporter: Doug Woosnam, Pat Taylor, Rusty Christoff, and Dell Cromie

Gold Supporter: Kurt Haab

Silver Supporter: David Harris, Joseph Clemenson, Troy Miller, Russell Newell, Carl Tolino Jr.

Bronze Supporter: Bruce Harris, Dan Duffey, Joseph Trois, Kate Duffey, Patrick Duffey, teve Oehlert*, Steve Bridge, Ted Harris*, Tony Malandra

Supporter: Art Landis, Alexandra Vespico, Amy Highhouse, Andy Bradigan*, Anthony Dough, Bill Parker, Brad Fulton, Brian Savage, Chad Fenstermacher, David Heiser, Frank Brassell, Fred Owens, Harry Hill, Jason Flohr, Jessen Smith, Kevin Steele, Mark Colby, Mark Smith*, Mark Savage, Mark Wisniewski, Matt Linder, Mike DeBerdine, Pat Boyle, Quincy Longacre*, Scott Mayhew, Sean Wallace, Steve McCracken, Tom Christi, and Tom Studebaker.

*Denotes monthly contributor

June 2023 POMPAC contributions totaled $12,125. The 2023 association goal is to raise $40,000 in PAC contributions. We thank those members who have contributed to POMPAC this year. A full list of 2023 contributors can be found here. We strongly encourage other members to financially contribute to the POMPAC fund. We need your contribution to support our political allies in Harrisburg.

Click Here to make an online POMPAC contribution. Members have the option to make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments.

June 2023 Energy Defense Fund Contributions
The Energy Defense Fund can accept corporate funds which are not used for direct campaign contributions to political officials. This includes but is not limited to political educational efforts and lobbying expenses. The Energy Defense Fund works in conjunction with the POMPAC fund to assist the PPA in achieving our legislative and regulatory priorities. Thank you to the following companies who make a voluntary contribution to the Energy Defense Fund in June 2023. A full list of 2023 contributors can be found here.

1. F. C. Haab Co., Inc.
2. Glassmere Fuel Service
3. Hummelstown Fuel Oil Service, Inc.
4. Taylor Oil & Propane, Inc.

Click Here to make an online Energy Defense Fund contribution.