Recognizing January PAC Contributors

The PPA Political Action Committee would like to recognize POMPAC contributions from the following individuals in January:

— Platinum Supporter: James Barber and Jason Flohr

— Gold Supporter: N/A

— Silver Supporter: Quincy Longacre*, Steve Oehlert*, Ted Harris*, and Timothy Naylor

— Bronze Supporter: Mark Smith*

— Supporter: Andrew Myers and David Karl

 *Denotes the total annual commitment of a monthly contributor.

January PAC contributions totaled $3,375. The 2022 association goal is to raise $40,000 in PAC contributions.

Per Pennsylvania state law, all contributions to the PAC come from voluntary personal contributions and cannot be in the form of membership dues or corporate contributions.

Visit the POMPAC Contribution webpage to make an online personal contribution. Make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments.

Introducing The PPA Energy Defense Fund

Last year the PPA introduced the Energy Defense Fund which raises money through corporate contributions to support the association’s government affairs efforts. The fund works in conjunction with the POMPAC fund to assist the PPA in achieving our legislative and regulatory priorities.

Q: How is the Energy Defense Fund different from the POMPAC?

A: The primary difference between the Energy Defense Fund and the POMPAC fund is the source of the contribution. The Energy Defense Fund is able to accept corporate funds which are not used for direct campaign contributions to political officials. This includes but is not limited to political educational efforts and lobbying expenses.

POMPAC raises funds through personal contributions from industry stakeholders. The personal contributions made to the POMPAC fund are then used by the PPA to directly support political officials in the form of a direct campaign contribution. Political contributions from corporations are prohibited by law in Pennsylvania.

Q: Where does my contribution to the Energy Defense Fund go?

A: Contributions to the PPA Energy Defense Fund are used to support the association’s government affairs efforts such as educational outreach to lawmakers, news services, bill tracking, consultant fees, and lobby disclosure registrations.

Please visit the Energy Defense Fund page to learn more and consider making an online contribution.

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