Recognizing 2022 POMPAC Contributors

The PPA Political Action Committee would like to recognize the following individuals who have made a POMPAC contribution this year.

— Platinum Supporter: Chris Walton, James Barber, James Deiter, Jason Flohr, Michael DeBerdine, Richard Scheibe Jr.

— Gold Supporter: N/A

— Silver Supporter: Quincy Longacre*, Steve Oehlert*, Ted Harris*, and Timothy Naylor

— Bronze Supporter:,James Firmstone, Mark Smith*, Robert Mcllvaine. Steven Firmstone

— Supporter: Andrew Myers, David Karl, David Trupe, Eric Horn, Fred Owens, Greg Gill, Jeff Seaman, Jim Kirchner, Kenneth Bair, Keith Reitz, Rich Rogers, Steve Obetz, Stephen McCracken, Steven Ohl, Thomas Bair, Thomas Wingard, and Tim Porter.

*Denotes the total annual commitment of a monthly contributor.

2022 PAC contributions have totaled $9,890 year to date. The 2022 association goal is to raise $40,000 in PAC contributions.

Per Pennsylvania state law, all contributions to the PAC come from voluntary personal contributions and cannot be in the form of membership dues or corporate contributions.

Visit the POMPAC Contribution webpage to make an online personal contribution. Make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments.

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