Quebec Begins Phaseout Of Heating Oil Systems; 3 Voting Days Left In PA To Consider Energy Choice Bills

The Montreal Gazette reported last week a regulation was adopted by the Provincial Government of Quebec banned heating oil systems in all new construction as of December 31 and the installation or replacement of a heating oil system will be banned as of December 31, 2023. 

Quebec believes the measures it announced on Wednesday will contribute to reaching its 2030 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to heating buildings in the province by 50 per cent.  Read more here.

            These are the types of actions legislation pending in the Pennsylvania General Assembly– Senate Bill 275 (Yaw-R-Lycoming) and House Bill 1947 (O’Neal-R-Washington)–  is designed to prevent.

This Senate and House have only three remaining voting days this year– December 13, 14 and 15.

While the bills will remain alive in 2022, the PPA is renewing our request to contact your local House member to support this important legislation that will ultimately protect your customers!

Click Here to contact your state legislators.

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