President Trump Tweets Support For E15

President Trump took to Twitter over last weekend to support E15 stating “Subject only to State approval, our important Ethanol Industry will be allowed to use the 10% Pumps for the 15% BLEND.”

Unfortunately, E15 still has a long way to go before it can be sold legally at retail stations.

In January 2020, the EPA Office of Underground Storage Tanks said that “Most older and even some newer existing UST systems (which includes but is not limited to tanks, pumps, ancillary equipment, lines, gaskets, and sealants) are not fully compatible with E15 and require modification before storing E15.”

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In addition, the President’s declaration does not protect fuel marketers from noncompliance with state and federal UST regulations or from liability for a release resulting from the storage or dispensing of E15.

“The bottom line is that small business fuel marketers are extremely concerned about assuming liability without any legal protections,” said PMAA President Rob Underwood.

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