PPA Welcomes Three New Members In July

PPA would like to highlight the following new members joining the association in July.

Active Members
Active Members are independent branded and non-branded petroleum marketers who sell gasoline, heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and other petroleum products at both the wholesale and retail levels, including convenience stores.

N/A in July

Retail Convenience Store Operator
This new membership category is specifically designed to meet the needs of the small convenience store operator with four (4) or less retail locations.

N/A in July

Associate Members
Associate Members are firms that supply Active members with petroleum products and other related services and products.

MAG Industries LTD
MAG Industries produces and distributes the next generation of retail products — the products that are revolutionizing the retail market as we know it.

Our primary categories are cannabis, vape and kratom. Our flagship brand, Cloud 8® Delta-8 THC, is rapidly gaining popularity in the mid-Atlantic and midwest regions of the United States, due to our leadership in legal compliance, product quality and consumer engagement.

We sell to thousands of convenience stores, tobacco shops and other retailers in two dozen states. Our primary market is the tri-state region of Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania where we deliver directly to our customers via our fleet and have dedicated sales staff tending to every store.

What makes MAG unique — and a very good partner to our customers — is the impressive combination of:
1. Our talented Sales & Buying team, who identifies the best and most profitable product opportunities before anyone else, allowing our retail customers to always have an edge against their competition, and
2. Our experienced Legal & Government Affairs team, who not only ensures that our products are fully compliant under current legal schemes but who also advocates and lobbies for laws that will protect our customers’ rights to sell these new products on the free market long term.

Finally, at our core, what makes MAG unique is that we are real people with real relationships with our customers. We are a family-founded business in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, and we got our roots by creating deep, meaningful bonds with retail owners and buyers who aren’t just our customers but are our friends.

Primary Member Contact: Travis Stroup, Email: traviss@mag.industries and Adam Martin, Email: Adam@mag.industries

PPATEC Members
PPATEC Members are HVAC contractors or energy marketers who do not sell heating oil in the state of Pennsylvania.

Ultimate Comfort Heating & Cooling LLC (Wernersville, PA)
Weyant Oil Services, Inc. (Oceanside, NY)