PPA Submits Public Comment On PUC Electric Utility Rate Design for EV Charging

In October 2023 the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission unanimously approved a motion by PUC Chairman Stephen M. DeFrank which began the process for developing a policy statement – seeking comments from Pennsylvania’s electric distribution companies (EDCs) and other interested parties about the factors that the Commission should consider, including, but not limited to, key policy issues related to EV-charging rate tariffs, rate design, and rate equity for distribution services and default service generation.

The proposed EV charging policy statement was published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on Dec. 23, 2023 [53 Pa.B. 7935], which began the period for public comments and reply comments.  Interested parties were able to submit written comments through Jan. 22, 2024.

Last week, the PPA submitted public comment in response to this policy statement to represent the interests of motor fuel companies who are (or at some point would be) interested in entering the EV Charging retail space. The primary focus of the comments included the following:

1. Opposition to electric utilities being able subsidize the buildout of the EV charging networks utilizing general rate payer assessments.

2. Opposition to public utilities of owning or operating their own retail charging stations.

3. Support of the creation of rate structure that would provide convenience stores and other retailers a level playing field in the entry to the EV charging business.

This rate design process will continue to move through the PUC with numerous stakeholders advocating on the topic. Once finalized, the PUC will adopt a policy that will be a reference point for future tariff filing considerations.


CLICK HERE to view PPA public comment submitted to the PUC 


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