PPA Submits Comments To PA Public Utility Commission On EV Rate Design

On February 15, the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association submitted formal comments to the PA Public Utility Commission’s Electric Vehicle Charging Rate Design Working Group.

The Working Group was formed by the Commission to examine the issue of what rate structures the Commission should consider addressing the growth in the use of electric vehicles in the state.

PPA’s comment said, in part– “Our businesses provide an essential service by ensuring the availability of automotive refueling services in safe, convenient locations at competitive, transparent prices. Our industry is eager to invest in any refueling technology that our customers want to purchase, including electricity.”

“The best way to develop a robust charging network in Pennsylvania is through a competitive, market-based approach that meets the needs of today’s drivers and incentivizes private investment.

“Fuel retailers are best equipped to facilitate a faster, more widespread and cost-effective transition to alternative transportation energy – including electricity – in the coming years.”

The comments recommended–

— A specific electricity rate accessible for all EV charging transactions so utility-owned chargers would not have an inherent advantage over private businesses.

— The electricity rate should be based on the amount of electricity used, rather than on unpredictable demand charges so all charging station owners operate on a level playing field.

— If an electric utility chooses to own and operate EV charging stations, they should only be able to do so through a separate, non-rate regulated affiliate that cannot be cross subsidized with their regulated business.

“We believe fuel retailers should focus on providing the customer experience that drivers need while electric utilities focus on generating power, distributing that power, and preparing the electric grid for increased EV adoption.

“In order to facilitate this partnership, our industry supports make-ready programs that allow electric utilities to recover the costs of make-ready infrastructure.”

The PPA would like to thank the National Association of Truck Stop Operators (NATSO) and Charge Ahead Partnership for their support during this process.

Click Here for a copy of PPA’s comments.

Click Here to review the PUC’s order forming the Working Group.