PPA Requests Extension To Current Driver Hours of Service Waiver

In a call with state officials on Friday February 12, members of the PPA Energy Assurance Task Force requested an extension of the driver hours of service waiver which is currently set to expire on February 16.

The PPA Task Force has been meeting periodically over the last two years with representatives of state agencies that have jurisdiction over matters impacting the heating oil, motor fuels and propane industries.

The meetings had been initially organized as a forum for both PPA members and the regulatory community to become educated as to the workings and ongoing challenges that face the industry and regulators alike-and improve the communication between all parties.

The PPA participants on the call-in requesting the extension- pointed to the snow remaining from storms over the last two weeks (still slowing deliveries in many areas), and the forecast of colder temperatures in the weeks to come (significantly increasing demand).

A meeting to formally act on the extension of the waiver is scheduled to take place on February 16.

This decision-making body is comprised of representatives from DEP, PEMA, PennDOT, the State Police, and the Governor’s office.

PPA will notify its membership when it learns of the decision of the state in regard to the waiver extension.

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