PPA Recognizing June PAC Contributors

Political Action Committee Chairman John Reilly would like to recognize POMPAC contributions from the following individuals in June–

— Platinum Supporter: Scott Walton*

— Gold Supporter: N/A

— Silver Supporter: Doug Woosnam*, Jason Flohr, Ted Harris*, Tom Martin

— Bronze Supporter: Mark Smith*, Mike McCarthy, Quincy Longacre, Steve Oehlert*

— Supporter: Bob Harbison, Curt Martin, Jane Domitrowits, Jason Mertz, Jeff Seaman, Kelly Brown, Kevin Steele, Rich Rodgers

*Denotes the total annual commitment of a monthly contributor.

Our 2020 goal is to raise $40,000 in PAC contributions. All contributions to the PAC come from voluntary personal contributions and cannot be in the form of membership dues or corporate contributions.

Visit the PPA Contribution webpage to make an online personal contribution. Make a one-time payment or sign up for automatic recurring monthly payments.

June PAC contributions totaled $1,800. To view our current status on reaching the 2020 PAC contribution goal please Click Here.

The Political Action Committee has requested PAC contributions are tracked on a regional basis. In the effort of creating some friendly competition across the state, the current regional statistics can be found below–

— Central PA: $2,000

— Greater Lehigh Valley: $1,575

— Northeast PA: $1,100

— South Central PA: $2,800

— Southeast PA: $4,400

— Western PA: $750

— Total: $12,625

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