PPA Participating In PUC Work Group On EV Rate Design

The PPA will be participating in a committee formed by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to examine the issue of what rate structures the Commission should consider addressing the growth in the use of electric vehicles in the state.

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Rate Design Working Group will have its first meeting on January 25.

Subjects for discussion will include a wide range of issues, including how rates should be structured to address the issue of people recharging vehicles over night at their homes-as one example.

The PUC is tasked with preparing a Policy Statement along with the working group’s recommendations relative to electric vehicle rate design by June 1, 2023.

            The PPA continues to oppose legislative efforts that would allow utilities to surcharge all ratepayers for the build out of EV charging stations.

The association however feels it is important to provide the Commission with industry input, specifically to encourage a competitive, market-based approach that will allow fuel marketers to have a viable pathway to profitability within the EV charging space.

Electric utilities and representatives of various aspects of the emerging EV industry will also be participating in this working group.

CLICK HERE to view the PUC order that initiated this informal working group.

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