PPA Launches Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation For Technical Students!

The Pennsylvania Petroleum Association is excited to introduce the Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation!

This newly established 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation was created to offer tuition assistance for individuals who will be enrolling into the PPATEC 10-week HVAC & Energy Professional Program.

PPATEC plans to begin offering this gateway training program in July 2022 to encourage more individuals to enter our industry and ultimately seek employment from our membership companies.

Earlier this month, the Robert V. Boltz Scholarship Foundation received IRS tax exemption status as a charitable organization.

Donors can now make tax-deductible contributions to the Scholarship Foundation.

We encourage PPA members to consider contributing to this great cause as we approach the end of the year.

Click Here to make a donation.

Click Here to learn more about the Scholarship Foundation.

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