PPA Joins Coalition Against EPA’s Particulate Matter (PM) Proposal

PPA recently signed onto a letter sent to the US EPA Administrator this past week opposing that agency’s proposal to lower allowable levels of PM 2.5 (particulate matter) standards under the federal Clean Air Act. Such a move would likely put several parts of Pennsylvania into non-attainment status. This means the state would ultimately be required to adopt additional or more stringent control measures to bring those areas into attainment. PPA joined several other groups in the state (and other states as well) because of the concern as to what these control measures would entail.

In the past, the options available to the state include regulations on fossil fuels. EPA is reportedly fast tracking the approval of this regulation-with the adoption likely by November. Upon that final rule, at timetable for the state’s for implementation will be established.

Click here to view a copy of the EPA letter

Click here to view a copy of the API infographic on impacts of this proposed regulation