PPA Formally Supports Senate Bill 275 Preempting Municipalities For Banning Energy Sources

At the April 7, 2021 meeting, the PPA Board of Directors voted to support a bill that has been introduced in the state Senate that would block municipalities from adopting ordinances that would ban or regulate energy sources within their jurisdictions.

Authored by Senator Yaw (R-Lycoming), Senate Bill 275 would establish that the regulation of energy issues to be solely under jurisdiction of the state, and would preempt  such actions by local governments. In recent years, there have been reports of local governments in some areas of the US banning fossil fuels (ex: Brookline, MA) within their jurisdiction.

The bill is currently in the Senate Local Government Committee.

Please visit our Bill’s We’re Watching webpage to learn more about Senate Bill 275 and view other legislation being tracked by the PPA.

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