PPA Adopts Goal To Reduce Heating Oil Emissions Over 30 Year Period

A resolution was passed during the April 30 Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Board of Directors meeting to establish a greenhouse gas emission reduction goal over a 30 year period.

The original resolution was created and adopted by the PPA Heating Fuels Committee during their March 6, 2020 meeting. It states the following:

Be it resolved that the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association heating oil industry goal is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, based on the 1990, levels, by

— 15 percent by 2023;

— 40 percent by 2030; and

— Net-zero by 2050.

Be it further resolved that the Pennsylvania Petroleum Association will work with NEFI, various other state associations, and NORA to explore all that is necessary to achieve these goals.

This resolution follows a similar structure as the Providence Resolution (click here to view) which was adopted by various Northeast petroleum associations in 2019 to combat climate change policy.

There are still numerous questions and research being conducted by NORA, NEFI, and other industry stakeholders to address how the industry will meet these proposed reductions in GHG emissions.

The amended resolution adopted by PPA leadership does not define any specific government action or mandate at this time. It will position the association to have an active role in working with our regional partners to pursue these aspirational goals.

It also takes into careful consideration the current political environment and energy policies that make Pennsylvania uniquely different within the Northeast region.

Moving forward the PPA Heating Fuels Committee will review potential barriers and proposed solutions on how to pursue this initiative. This will include taking into account regional findings along with state specific considerations.

Member involvement and feedback will be crucial as we continue to work through this.

If you are interested in potentially becoming a member of the Heating Fuels Committee please Click Here.

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