PMAA Urges State, Local Governments to Help Resolve IRS UV Claim Backlogs

PMAA sent a letter Friday asking the National Governors Association, National Association of Counties, National League of Cities and the National Association of Towns and Townships, to express their concern to the IRS Commissioner over the lengthy delays in processing ultimate vendor refund claims for the tax free sale of motor fuel to state and local government entities.

“Many small business petroleum marketers have not received payment from the IRS on ultimate vendor claims since April. Consequently, these marketers are in grave financial peril due to loss of essential operating capital which places severe cash flow problems on their businesses. If the IRS delays continue much longer, state and local governments may be required to pay the FET, thus placing on them the burden of making reimbursement claims and suffering the resultant financial and budgetary consequences,” said PMAA President Rob Underwood.

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