Pennsylvania Officially Eliminates Weight Class Registration Sticker Requirement

On January 29, 2022 the final rulemaking was published in the PA Bulletin to officially delete Chapter 55 of PA Code 67. This will now eliminate the need for trucks that operate at weights greater than 5,000 pounds to display a registration class sticker and replace a registration class sticker when stolen, damaged or destroyed.

            Repealing Chapter 55 will save the Department the cost of maintaining an inventory of the required stickers (averaging $25,000 annually).

The fiscal impact to the regulated community is difficult to quantify because there is no direct savings to individuals or businesses as a result of this final-form rulemaking.

No fee is charged to individuals or businesses to obtain or replace a Registration Class Sticker. Cost savings to the regulated community are tied to administrative time savings to obtain or replace a damaged or destroyed sticker and the time to affix the sticker to a windshield.

            A copy of the complete regulation published in the PA Bulletin can be found here

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