Pennsylvania Hours Of Service Waiver In Effect Until February 16

On February 2, PennDOT issued hours of service waivers for the transportation of motor fuels, heating fuels, and propane. The waiver is currently in effect until February 16, 2021. The waivers in this exemption apply to motor carriers engaged in operations necessary to respond to the severe winter storm event disaster emergency declared by the Governor.

Please note that PennDOT will require drivers and haulers to have a printed copy (click here to download) of the information with them while using the exemption.

            The PPA has worked to significantly improve the relationship with the state agencies who collaborate in determining driver hours of service waivers. Those departments include the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), PennDOT, the State Police, and DEP.

In 2019, PPA President Mike McCarthy appointed an Energy Assurance Task Force that has had several meetings with representatives of these state entities, and now participate in monthly calls to provide updates on issues regarding the energy sector.

PPA members currently serving on this task force are Mike McCarthy, Bruce Spiridonoff, Mike DeBerdine, Mike Adams, and Quincy Longacre.

Last month the PPA began to convey the serious challenges petroleum marketers faced regarding Winter Storm Orlena and the forecast of colder temperatures in the upcoming weeks.

The state has been reluctant in issuing HOS relief on a preemptive basis. The waiver was ultimately granted after the conclusion of the winter storm when the PPA could demonstrate the operational impacts of our membership.

The PPA will continue to work with our state partners to identify industry issues.

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