PA Weights & Measures Conducting Motor Fuel Signage & Pump Pricing Compliance Visits

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture Division of Weights and Measures has notified the PPA that compliance visits are actively being conducted to ensure advertising product prices for motor fuel street signs and/or pumps are in accordance with the law.

PDA has general authority and responsibility to enforce the Consolidated Weights and Measures Act (3 Pa.C.S.A §§ 4101-4194) (Act).  Section 4133 of the Act states that “Whenever any commodity or service is sold or is offered, exposed or advertised for sale by weight, measure or count, the price shall not be misrepresented nor shall the price be represented in any manner calculated or tending to mislead or deceive an actual or prospective purchaser.”  PDA also adopts requirements as found in NIST Handbook 130, specifically; Section 2.6.2. Price Posting and Section 2.6.4. Multi-Tier Pricing: Motor Fuel Deliveries (Computing Pumps or Dispensers).

Click here to view a copy of the PDA warning letter issued to retail location who are found not to be in compliance.