PA State Legislature Update: Fall Session & Special Election

The Pennsylvania State Senate will be returning to session this week, after essentially being on summer recess since late June (except for one day in August to pass state budget related bills).

The House is scheduled to return the week of September 25. This return will follow a Special Election on Tuesday (September 19) being held to fill a vacancy in an Allegheny County House seat. The seat previously belonged to Democratic Representative Sara Innamorato who resigned in July to run for County Executive. The Democrat is widely expected by observers to win this election.

This resignation has left the House deadlocked at a 101-101 tie over the summer. The House Democrats still however remain in control of the majority until the Special Election is completed and results certified.

The legislature will return this fall with the main priority of adopting the necessary code bills to complete the state budget process. Historically this process is normally completed in parallel to the start of the state fiscal year (July 1st). This year the code bills will likely not be completed until October at the earliest. This ongoing budget dynamic has taken up a large majority of the political focus in Harrisburg year to date.