PA Legislation Introduced To Establish Legality Of Skill Games

Earlier this month, Rep Jeff Wheeland (R-Lycoming ) introduced legislation that would establish in state law the legality of skill games. House Bill 2133 would create licensee and tax requirements for the operation of the games.

Skill games currently have been operating in the state because of two county court decisions which held that skill games are not games of chance which are prohibited by current law without designated licenses.

The casino industry and the state Lottery Commission have generally opposed skill games. 

The intent of House Bill 2133, and a similar bill– Senate Bill 758— introduced  by Senator Yaw (R-Lycoming), is to establish the legality of the games in statute.

A number of PPA member companies support skill games and the Association generally supports their legalization.

The PPA will continue to evaluate these bills, and notify members at the appropriate time to contact legislators.

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