PA House Passes Resolution To Block Final RGGI Regulation, But Wolf Plans Veto

On December 15, the House voted 130-70 to adopt a concurrent resolution to block final regulations limiting carbon dioxide pollution from power plants consistent with the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

            However, the vote margin was not enough to achieve the two-thirds vote needed to override Gov. Wolf’s expected veto of the resolution.

            That means the final regulation should be published as final in the PA Bulletin probably sometime in January.

            A number of groups have already indicated they plan to file legal action against the regulation, including, possibly Senate and House Republicans.

            The House and Senate both have legislation they could also move to block the regulation– Senate Bill 119 (Pittman-R-Indiana) and House Bill 637 (Struzzi-R-Indiana), however, they would meet the same fate as the resolution and previous legislation on this issue– a Governor’s veto.


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