PA House Hosts Public Hearing To Consider Privatizing Pennsylvania Liquor Sales

On January 24, the House Liquor Control Committee will conduct a public hearing on House Bill 2272 sponsored by Rep. Natalie Mihalek (R-Allegheny) that seeks to abolish the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Commission by amending the state constitution.

If passed by the General Assembly in two separate legislative years, the question would then go on the ballot for voters to decide.

This process is designed to circumvent the Governor, a supporter of the current system, and other legislative opposition. A Governor does not have the power to veto a proposed constitutional amendment.

This is the same procedure Republicans used last year to limit the powers of the Governor to issue emergency orders. This demonstrates the growing frustration of Republican legislators with the way liquor, wine and beer is sold in the Commonwealth.

Most observers believe the bill will ultimately pass the General Assembly.

In a related issue, Rep. Tim O’Neal continues to ask legislators to cosponsor his proposed bill to create a c-store license category. It should be noted that Rep. Mihalek has also cosponsored Rep. O’Neal proposal.  Click Here to view the current proposal.

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