PA House Democrat Resigns Temporarily (Again) Tying Chamber At 101 – 101

With the resignation of a Democratic member, the House is now again evenly split at 101 Democrats and 101 Republican members. Rep. Sarah lnnamorato (D-Allegheny) stepped down to focus on her race for County Executive. She had won the spring primary for that position.

The Speaker of the House Joanna McClinton (D-Philadelphia) immediately set a Special Election for September 19. This is a week before the House is scheduled to return from its summer recess. The rules of the House provide for the party power (in this case the Democrats) retain control until after the result of s special election is determined.

The vacancy does complicate the operation of the House in regard to the legislative impasse over the adoption of the state budget. The overdue budget is now entering the fourth week with no deal. One Republican leader predicted this week that the vacancy could take the prospects of a final budget vote into August.

Most Capitol observers predict that the special election will be won by the Democrats due to the overwhelming registration edge they have in that district.