PA House Bill Introduced To Allow Electronic Heating Fuel Tickets

PPA supported legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives that would permit home heating oil retailers to communicate delivery ticket information to customers electronically. House Bill 1889 was introduced by Representative Stephen Malagari (D-Montgomery) this past Thursday and is scheduled to considered by the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee at its Tuesday, December 12 meeting.

HB 1889 is intended to modernize this aspect of the state’s weights and measures program. The state Department of Agriculture has maintained that current law requires that customers be provided printed tickets at the time of delivery or with the invoice.

The bill would not require companies to adopt electronic delivery tickets but would regulate the practices of heating oil distributors that choose to do so.

The PPA strongly supports heating oil companies having the option of utilizing electronic communication with customers. Our association is continuing to work with Rep. Malagari, the Department of Agriculture, and member companies to review and clarify provisions of the language in the bill.