PA Flavored Tobacco Ban Bill Set For October 18 Committee Vote

Pennsylvania introduced a flavored tobacco ban with HB 1161 in May 2023 (read more here). While there has been no movement on the bill since that time, we have now learned that HB 1161 has been placed on the agenda for the House Judiciary Committee meeting for Wednesday, October 18th. The PPA and our partners anticipate the bill will most likely pass out of this committee given its member makeup. From there, HB 1161 is expected to move to the House Appropriations Committee where a fiscal note is very likely to be requested, as is also where more debate and concerns will arise on the severity and economic impact of the legislation.

There are not many legislative days left on their calendar for 2023 so we may see the House attempt to move this bill quickly in a matter of a couple of days. However, with the Democrats having only a 1-seat majority in the House, it is questionable whether they would even have enough votes to pass the bill if it should advance to the House floor for a full chamber vote. The Senate is controlled by Republicans where the reception of this legislative proposal would not have as much traction.

The PPA opposes all tobacco flavor bans and therefore we are still taking the legislative proposal very seriously! We are asking all of our motor fuel and convenience store members to contact House Judiciary Committee members to signal that the industry is paying close attention to this legislation. There are two ways you can take action:

  1. Use the following advocacy form that PPA members (or any of their retail dealers) to submit a prewritten message to a legislator who serves on the PA House Judiciary Committee. Please note you will only be able to submit this form if the physical business location(s) is in one of the following legislative districts listed below. 
  2. If you don’t have a physical address in one of the legislative districts below but still would like to contact committee members, please send direct emails in opposition of the legislation. Here is a prewritten message to consider using as a part of that message:

I am a Pennsylvania voter and a taxpayer writing in opposition to HB 1161 which would ban the sale of flavored nicotine or tobacco products. Convenience stores and other legitimate retailers who currently sell regulated products would be directly harmed by this legislation. These businesses play a vital role in ensuring that consumers have access to well-made products and keeping adult products out of the hands of young people. If these products are pushed into an underground market where there is no oversight and no motivation to comply with regulations, purchasing and consuming nicotine will be unnecessarily more risky.


List of PA House Judiciary Committee 

Name Email
PA Rep. Tim Briggs (D-PA-149)
PA Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-PA-089)
PA Rep. Chris Pielli (D-PA-156)
PA Rep. Paul Schemel (R-PA-090)
PA Rep. La’tasha Mayes (D-PA-024)
PA Rep. Christopher “Chris” Rabb (D-PA-200)
PA Rep. Benjamin “Ben” Sanchez (D-PA-153)
PA Rep. Perry Warren (D-PA-031)
PA Rep. Joseph “Joe” Hohenstein (D-PA-177)
PA Rep. Emily Kinkead (D-PA-020)
PA Rep. Melissa Shusterman (D-PA-157)
PA Rep. Kyle Donahue (D-PA-113)
PA Rep. Liz Hanbidge (D-PA-061)
PA Rep. Kristine Howard (D-PA-167)
PA Rep. Clint Owlett (R-PA-068)
PA Rep. David Rowe (R-PA-085)
PA Rep. Timothy “Tim” Bonner (R-PA-017)
PA Rep. Jim Rigby (R-PA-071)
PA Rep. Torren Ecker (R-PA-193)
PA Rep. Joe Hamm (R-PA-084)
PA Rep. Joe Kerwin (R-PA-125)
PA Rep. Kate Klunk (R-PA-169)
PA Rep. Robert Leadbeter (R-PA-109)
PA Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-PA-181)
PA Rep. Dan Williams (D-PA-074)