PA Energy Development Authority Accepting Applications For Energy Project Restart Grants

The PA Energy Development Authority is now accepting applications for PEDA Energy Restart Grants to assist with the completion of eligible energy projects disrupted due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic response.  (formal notice)

The deadline for applications is October 2.

PEDA will offer approximately $2 million for individual awards not to exceed $250,000 for clean, advanced energy projects including the development and deployment of innovative, clean, advanced and efficient technologies; the generation of alternative energy or the production of alternative fuels; or the implementation of energy efficiency/demand side projects.

Businesses conducting manufacturing or production operations related to alternative and clean energy projects in this Commonwealth are also eligible.

PEDA will receive competitive proposals/applications for funding requests to support the purchase of equipment and supplies.

Applicants can request funds for retroactive costs, working capital or both. However, applicants must propose a minimum 1:1 match consisting of all eligible costs as described in the solicitation that will be expended after the application submission date.

Applicants shall demonstrate how this award will mitigate the impact of a disruption experienced associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response and how the provision of a grant will enhance the ability to complete the project in an expeditious manner.

This includes but is not limited to: the rehire of workers or hiring of additional workers to complete the project quickly, ability to make immediate equipment payments to restart the supply chain or opportunity to overcome lost revenue due to market stagnation.

PEDA encourages the hiring of contractors in this Commonwealth, suppliers, labor and minority, veteran, service-disabled veteran and women-owned businesses as a response to high job losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PEDA encourages applicants to seek funding for clean, advanced energy projects which will provide backup power for critical operations. Projects that support revitalization by reusing or redeveloping brownfields and previously developed sites in urban, suburban and rural communities are also desired.

For all the details, visit the PEDA Energy Restart Grants webpage.  Questions should be directed to or contact the Energy Programs Office at 717-783-8411.

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