PA Energy Choice Bill Reported Out Of PA Senate Committee

The Energy Choice bill (SB 275) introduced by Senator Yaw (R-Lycoming) was reported from the Senate Local Government Committee last week. Also known as the Ban the Ban bill, the legislation would preempt municipalities from adopting regulations that would prohibit or regulate energy sources within their jurisdictions.

The bill is in response to reports of local governments in other states banning the use natural gas and heating oil.

            An amendment was incorporated into the Yaw bill  that was designed to address the concerns of some local government groups who felt the language original bill may have unintentionally curtail municipalities from regulating land use and other regulatory powers.

            The associations representing township and boroughs signed off on the changes. However, groups representing large cities and municipalities are still opposing the legislation, as are the environmental groups. It is unclear at this time whether the Governor would sign or veto the bill if it got to his desk.

            This legislation is a top priority of PPA-which submitted testimony in support of it at a public hearing in the spring. PPA will continue to press for passage of the bill.

            A companion bill (HB 1947) was introduced by Representative O’Neal (R-Washington) is scheduled to be voted out of the House Local Government Committee on Tuesday. PPA has communicated to the Committee its support of that measure as well.

            Please visit the PPA Bills We’re Watching page for a complete overview of legislation being monitored by the Association.

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