PA Department Of Health Releases COVID-19 Interim Vaccination Plan

On December 11, the Department of Health updated the state’s Interim COVID Vaccination Plan outlining the steps to be taken to distribute approved COVID vaccines.  The Plan also identifies the people who will get the vaccine first.

            PPA has worked with key state partners to prioritize vaccination distribution to motor fuel marketers, heating fuel marketers and HVAC contractors.

            As a result of that work, and following federal guidance, Energy Sector workers are in Phase 1-B of the distribution Plan right after health care workers in Phase 1-A as “critical workers.”

            Energy Sector workers are included in the definition of “critical” and “essential” workers as defined by the ACIP [Click Here] and are based off of the federal Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency’s guidance [Click Here].

            Click Here for a copy of the PA Department of Health Interim Plan.

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