PA Commission Meets To Review Options On Phasing Out Gasoline Tax

The first meeting of the state’s Transportation Revenue Options Commission took place last week.

Gov. Wolf issued an Executive Order on March 12 to create this group to explore new funding streams to pay for the state’s road and bridge construction and maintenance needs, as well as mass transit.

The premise of the study is as a result of more highly fuel efficient vehicles on the road and the projected increase in electric vehicles will mean the current gas tax will not be a reliable and adequate source for Pennsylvania’s future infrastructure and transit needs.

Although discussions in regard to replacing (or phasing out) the gas tax have taken place in the past, the naming of this Commission coincides with growing legislative opposition to PennDOT’s recent proposal to toll several bridges on interstates.

At its first meeting on March 25, a consultant contracted by PennDOT’s presented the Commission with a list of proposals to study and consider. This list includes:

— Doubling the vehicle registration fees

— Imposing a vehicle sales tax

— An electric vehicle fee

— A mileage use fee per vehicle

— Statewide tolling of interstates

— A toll imposed on targeted roadways during rush hours.

The deadline set for the Commission to publish its report is August, 2021. Any plan developed by this group would need to be approved by the General Assembly.

            Visit the Transportation Revenue Options Commission webpage for more background.

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