PA Coal Industry, Unions File Lawsuit In Attempt To Block Final RGGI Regulation

Owners of Pennsylvania coal-fired power plants, a coal industry trade group and labor unions that represent their workers filed a lawsuit April 25 to stop the DEP from enforcing new rules that will require fossil fuel power plants to pay to release carbon dioxide.

They argue the rules amount to an unauthorized tax and go beyond the scope of the state’s air pollution law.

They also argue that the rules are causing them “immediate and irreparable” harm because they will make their power plants less competitive, which could lead to closures, job losses and lower sales of Pennsylvania-mined coal.

This is the second lawsuit seeking to block the regulation.  The first case was brought by Republican leaders in the Senate and House.


— AP: Coal Interests Sue To Block Pennsylvania’s Final Reg. Reducing Carbon Pollution From Power Plants [RGGI]

— Post-Gazette – Laura Legere: Coal Industry, Workers Sue To Halt PA’s Program To Reduce Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

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