Oil & Natural Gas COVID-19 Responsible Recovery Compendium

Last Wednesday, the Oil and Natural Gas COVID-19 Responsible Recovery Compendium was released and shared with our federal, state, local, tribal, and other private sector partners. PMAA served on the Responsible Recovery Compendium Work Group that wrote the document.

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The compendium is intended to serve as a compilation of the operational realities, challenges, and mitigation strategies of the energy sector in its recovery to this pandemic. It also stresses the importance of partnerships and shared responsibilities across the sector and with government partners at all levels.

While much of the nation transitioned to telework operations, reduced operations, or had temporarily ceased work per state and local mandates, a significant portion of oil and gas operators continued field work to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of energy to fuel our nation’s economy.

Now, as other critical infrastructures are planning for ‘re-entry,‘ the oil and natural gas subsector is moving into a recovery phase.

The Oil and Natural Gas COVID-19 Responsible Recovery Compendium will serve as a reference for this pandemic and any future pandemics our world may face.

PMAA hopes our partners and other industries may benefit from the collective knowledge in the Responsible Recovery document.

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