NORA Completes New Study On Transitioning Heating Oils To Bioblends

The National Oilheat Research Alliance recently completed a new study to provide more information on supply, logistics challenges and the relative benefits of carbon reductions, related to a transition to Biofuels.

The 37-page report was produced by IHS Market for NORA and is designed to answer these questions–

— Will there be enough biodiesel and feedstock for a transition to 100 percent biodiesel blend in

heating oil (B100 Bioheat™) by 2050? What will be the major feedstocks?

— Can Bioheat™ compete with electricity in the residential/commercial heating market on a CO2

emissions basis?

— What types of investment will be needed to deliver higher biodiesel blends?

— Can a liquid heating oil reach net zero emissions by 2050?

            Click Here to read a copy of the report.

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