New Study Provides Detailed Information On Local, State, Regional Electrification Conversion Programs

A new report by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) provides comprehensive data from 23 state and regional programs promoting space heating electrification conversions.

The ACEEE report is a valuable resource for understanding how individual local state and regional electric conversion programs work.

The report includes detailed program by program information including funding sources; number of rebates issued; number of customers converting; electrification technologies included demographic sectors targeted; eligible fuels for conversion and the kind of incentives provided.

According to the report, electrification is growing rapidly throughout the Northeast and West Coast regions and is beginning to make inroads in the Mountain States and Midwest as well. Electric utilities along with state and local governments are offering generous rebates to customers converting their space heating systems from heating oil, propane, and natural gas to electric heat pumps.

The nationwide combined total for all electric conversion budgets this year is $109 million, up nearly 70 percent from last year. The report presents program data in both narrative and graphic forms.

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