New Jersey To Ban New Gas Vehicle Sales in 2035

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) last week announced his plan to require all new cars and light-duty truck sales in the state after 2035 to meet Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) standards. This prohibition of petroleum internal combustion engines follows the same regulatory action taken by California in 2022.

Sixteen other states (including New Jersey and Pennsylvania) have previously adopted some form of legislation and/or regulation that references California Air Quality Board (CARB) based policies within their jurisdiction. This results in any CARB related policy determined in California to potentially have an impact in these states.

Governor Shapiro has not publicly made any indication that he would follow suit in Pennsylvania. Statutory and regulatory changes would need to be made in the Commonwealth to establish this requirement. However, the new Pennsylvania Governor is still in the process of developing his climate change policy.

The New Jersey plan would also assist 400,000 homeowners and 20,000 business to install zero emission heating and cooling systems (such as heat pumps). Seventy million dollars from RGGI funds would go toward lowering the cost of purchasing electric vehicles.

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