New EPA Proposed Rule Designed To Make E15 Easier To Use With Existing UST Equipment

The U.S. EPA is set to publish a proposed rule designed to make it easier to sell E15 from E10 certified equipment. The two prong rule addresses dispenser labeling and underground storage tank system compatibility.

The first part of the rule seeks public comment on whether to modify, or eliminate altogether, the E15 dispenser warning label. The label warning label is required by the E15 misfueling mitigation rule.

The label is designed to warn consumers against dispensing E15 into the fuel tanks of cars manufactured before 2001, boats and other gasoline powered equipment to prevent damage.

The E15 warning label also helps protect gasoline retailers from liability for equipment damage due to consumer misfuelling.

The second part of the proposed rule is designed to make it easier for UST system owners to demonstrate E15 compatibility for existing equipment.

The EPA is proposing to change compatibility requirements so that existing double walled USTs and piping with interstitial monitoring qualify as E15 compatible. However, all other equipment in the UST system must still meet existing compatibility requirements including manufacturer and/or UL E15 certification.

The proposed rule would also require all new UST system installations and or replacement parts be certified to 100 percent ethanol content.

The EMA Motor Fuels Committee and UST Task Force will convene to discuss the proposed rule and formulate a response.

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