New Drug & Alcohol Testing Custody And Control Form Must Be Used Beginning August 30

Last year, the Office of Management and Budget approved a new Department of Health and Human Services Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form. The form must be used by employers performing drug and alcohol testing for CDL drivers.

In order to allow for an orderly transition to the new form, the OMB authorized the use of the old CCF form through August 29, 2021.

However, beginning August 30, 2021, DOT-regulated employers and/or their service agents (specimen collectors, laboratories, Medical Review Officers) must use the new form.

The new CCF form is available here.

Some laboratories may have already contacted employers and collectors with information about the delivery of the revised CCF form.

A list of HHS certified laboratories can be found here.

Employers or collectors should monitor your existing supply of old CCF forms and coordinate the delivery of the new revised CCF form with an HHS-certified laboratory.

Any employer or agent using the old CCF form after August 29, 2021, must provide a signed statement (i.e., a memorandum for the record) to accompany the CCF form to the testing laboratory.

The memorandum must state that the incorrect form contains all the information needed for a valid DOT drug test, and that the incorrect form was used inadvertently or as the only means of conducting a test, in circumstances beyond the employer’s or agent’s control.

The statement must also list the steps taken to prevent future use of expired Federal forms for DOT tests. The employer or agent must supply the memorandum on the same business day on which use of the expired form was discovered by fax or courier.

Use of the expired form will only be deemed “corrected” if a test of the accompanying specimen occurs at an HHS-certified laboratory.

Additional information is available here.

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